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i am legend

i am legend

This year’s theme is “I Am Legend”, as we will be speaking to the unique purpose and power your child(ren) possesses when they fully surrender to God. They will see and understand the distinct part they get to play in God’s story of reaching the world.

Our dates for iKIDS Camp will be July 8th-11th, and includes lunch, fun, matching t-shirts, and off-site activities filled with more fun. Ages are potty-trained 3 year olds through 6th grade.

What you need to do to ensure your child(ren)’s future:
  1. Review - Check to make sure this week is open for your child(ren) to attend.
  2. Reserve - Reserve the dates ahead of time. You don’t want them to miss it because of an unforeseen event. Make space for them to make it.
  3. Register - The most important step of all. This is where the magic happens and dreams come true.

Q: What will be the schedule for the Camp?
A: Every day will look like this:
8:00am - Drop-Off
8:40am - Team Building Exercise/Games
9:00am - Service
11:30am - Lunch
12:30pm - Travel to Afternoon Activity
4:00pm - Pick-up at church & snack

Q: What will my child(ren) eat for lunch?
A: Every day we will have a different lunch for the Camp.
Monday - Pizza, Tuesday - Hot Dogs, Wednesday - Chick-Fil-A, Thursday - Pizza

Q: How will I know my child(ren) will be safe?
A: All of our leaders will be background checked, and we will have safety-trained/medical personnel on-site. We also have security personnel on-site and present at our afternoon activities for added safety. Everywhere we will travel to for our afternoon activity will be at privately-reserved locations where we will have the facility to ourselves and no outside guests permitted.

Q: What happens if my child(ren) has specific allergies to the lunches you provide?
A: Like you, we care about your child(ren)’s specific needs. We would not like for your child(ren) to experience something unfortunate because of a food allergy they possess. Because of our shared desire on this, we would encourage you to pack your child(ren)’s lunch for them. We have on-site refrigerators and freezers to stick the food in there for them.

Q: What kind of transportation will be available for my child(ren) to attend the off-site afternoon activities?
A: We are chartering private buses to take us to the off-site activity and bring us back to church before pick-up time. We will have plenty of room for every child who attends Camp.

Q: How will I receive updates on how my child(ren) is doing during Camp?
A: If there are any specific emergencies, we will contact you promptly and directly. You can email us at or call the church’s phone number at (714) 998-8638. As for general updates, we will be posting plenty of photos and videos on our Instagram and Facebook profiles. You can follow each of them by clicking on the icons here.

Q: What if I have any other questions not mentioned here?
A: You can email if you have any more questions. We will happily assist with anything you may need to feel secure and for your child(ren) to experience a memorable Camp.