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Peru Crusade - Pastor Phil has been invited to preach at the 30,000-seat stadium, Estadio Garcilaso, in the city of Cusco, Peru. We are hoping to take 100 mission volunteers from Influence to join the 10,000 others in transforming the country and bring the hope of Jesus Christ to millions.

To see the salvation and transformation of entire nations

1Nation1Day has swept across three nations mobilizing over 8,000 international missionaries, reaching more than 2.5 million people face to face, and millions more through media. Together we stood in awe as entire nations encountered historic national reconciliation, measurable change and sustainable follow up.

Every nation is going to hear before Christ returns. We believe that the church carries the mantle and authority to expedite Christ’s return with each nation that hears His gospel.

We are partnering with 1Nation1Day to spread the name of Jesus, and you are invited to come with us!

Date: June 20th - 30th 2019