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How to Find Happiness in the Dull Times

How to Find Happiness in the Dull Times

As I sit on the floor with my eyes closed, my mind wanders: “Lord, I don’t know, what I don’t know. I’m not sad nor am I happy. I am in this place that feels dull. Although, I know to seek you in the stillness; that is easier said than done.

When I pray, I normally begin with: “I welcome and invite you, Papa, into my eyes, ears and words.” However, especially today, am I finding it difficult to allow the Father to fill me up. Regardless of the circumstances we are under, God’s presence is always present. It is up to us to allow Him to use us for His kingdom; to empty our vessel and let go of everything and give him access to the deepest parts of us and fill us with His love.  

When times are dull, I know myself enough to know that I just simply need to sit with the Lord. To turn off all of the noise and be still.

To not speak nor think; just be still with him.

Sometimes I can let go of everything right away and instantly get to that place with Him, but then there are times it takes a while for me get there. I cannot activate my happiness on my own. I need the Father; for my strength and true joy is from Him. He knows me better than I know myself, and will always provide. Even when I do not feel happy or sad, but dull; He will always be with me and will be there for me. All I need to do is “let go” and meet Him where He has been waiting for me; so I can find true happiness in Him when times are good, bad, ugly and even dull.

So how do you find happiness in dull times? Be still, do something creative to focus in on God’s voice, find your quiet place. God knows how and where to meet you; so seek Him for guidance and submit to Him for answers and peace. It is in Him, where you will find true happiness.