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Don't Just Say You're Gonna Pray, Pray Right There

Don't Just Say You're Gonna Pray, Pray Right There

Within our nation we have many individuals who are “culturally christian.”  After every crisis within our country the typical response is, “you are in our thoughts and in our prayers.” Although prayer is mentioned as a go-to response most people do not stop to say a prayer right there in the moment prayer is needed. It is easy to say you are going to pray, but it is even easier to walk away neglecting your commitment to pray for someone else’s needs.

If everyone stopped and prayed in the moment prayer was needed perhaps we would see a world where the miraculous was our norm.  

God’s presence and activity would not be something we doubted, but instead something we expected without any hesitation.

How do we experience God’s miraculous nature in a broken world? We stop right there... in the midst of our need and we pray for God’s wisdom, God’s leading, and God’s provision. This is the act of calling upon God in the moment, leaving room for Him to supply our every need. It involves man being vulnerable enough to turn to His creator and lean on Him without turning and depending on any other resource or crutch to temporarily cover our needs.

The world needs to see the church follow through with this go-to response. If you stop to pray with someone right there in the moment you allow them to see the body of Christ actively seeking God as their number one resource. This is the greatest witness of God’s character we have to give to others, because we can guarantee God is undoubtedly going to answer His children.  When we call upon God in the moment we are teaching others to turn to God as their source of hope.

Elijah called upon God visibly in front of 450 prophets of Baal. The city was in the midst of a crisis. The people were doing their best to survive an extended drought. Elijah prayed right there in the moment although he was among hundreds of people who were mocking his faith and mocking his God. He asked God for rain. He continued to turn to God as his main source of provision. He did not waver in doubt because he trusted God to follow through. The people surrounding him were dumbfounded when God showed up and responded to this man’s prayer. Elijah called on God and God answered. When we step out in faith and call upon God in the moment of our need and the needs of others we lead God’s people into greater levels of faith. It is our responsibility as ambassadors of Christ to lead others to call upon God in the moment.  We want to show others our God is faithful to follow through therefore, we must be consistent in following through in things as simple as praying in the moment.  

If you do not do this for yourself you won’t do it for others. If you do not do it for others your lack of action will lead others to believe God is not a God of follow through.

Your job is to help others see God as the ever present father that He is. Although He is seated on high He stoops down to make us great. He hears our cries and He meets our needs.

By praying in the moment we have the power to teach our families, our cities, and our nation who God is and how accessible He is when called upon. Those who do not yet believe in Christ often feel God is a disconnected impersonal being. If you neglect an opportunity to stop and pray for someone in the moment you may miss the opportunity to represent the goodness of God. Don’t just say you are going to do it...really do it. Take the time to lead someone else to encounter the same God that consistently meets your needs and lifts your burdens. Look for opportunities to pray with someone knowing it is your moment to share God’s abundant love with someone in need!