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7 Tips for a More Effective Prayed Life

7 Tips for a More Effective Prayed Life

Struggling to get into the rhythm of a effective prayer life? You're not alone! We all struggle from time to time. We decided to put together this nice little guide to get back into the groove of things.  


Building an effective prayer life starts with remembering what God has already done for you. If you have to write it down to remember the many ways you have been it! Taking the time to remember will increase your faith and allow you to trust God to move into new seasons, ask for the impossible, and expect miracles!  When we forget the many ways God has remained faithful in our lives we allow our prayer life to become consumed with worry and doubt instead of faith and confidence.


Look for God.  A lot of our prayer lives suffer because we don't know how to watch for God's activity.  You will see nothing if you do not leave room for Him to move. To watch means to sit back and observe what is not simply coincidence, but instead God working everything out for your good. When you ask for something specific allow God to take action rather than taking action into your own hands. You cannot see God move in your prayer life if you are persistent in taking control of the outcome of your circumstances.


Be patient. Be still and know that He is God. God is fully able to do the impossible so do not attempt what only God can do!  So many people throughout the bible ended up in a mess because they moved before God’s timing. You will strengthen your prayer life when you learn to move according to God’s time table.  After time you will learn when it is your turn to move in faith and when God is asking you to surrender the reins.


To wait effectively you must learn to listen for God’s voice. It is completely pointless to pray if you have not developed an ear to hear. The holy spirit is referred to as our guide or a source of counsel.  If you submit to waiting you will submit yourself to moving according to God’s wisdom rather than worldly knowledge.  Listening to the voice of God will give you insight allowing God to direct your steps. During your prayer time write down the things you feel God speaking to you! Make this a habit. If you have his words written down you will be able to see when it is time for you to take action and be a part of the miracle you are expecting.


When God has spoken directly to you it should make it easier to place your confidence in God. This should allow you to step out in faith when you have the assurance that the God of miracles is in your midst.  There is nothing our God cannot do. Therefore nothing is impossible when you are actively moving in the direction of His voice. When we choose to act on God’s wisdom we expand our faith which will also expand our prayer life. We will see ourselves learning to ask for the impossible rather than what is sustainable.


Expectancy is a clear sign your prayer life is getting stronger. You are not deterred by doubt or disappointment. Instead you are motivated by what God has done and your ability to lean on him rather than being consumed with the limitations of man. Our prayer lives will experience trials of every kind, but it should not hinder us from going from glory to glory.


We move from glory to glory by stopping long enough to give glory where it is due. At the end of each day no matter how talented we are glory belongs to our God.  We will move forward in our prayer lives unhindered when we look to our creator with thankful hearts every time we see Him show up and bless our lives.  Every breath is a gift. We must do this in simple moments of blessing as well as when we experience miracles that could have only come from above.