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    Prayer Wall

Prayer Wall | Influence Church

Jesus said, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer..." 

When you come into the lobby of Influence Church, the first thing you notice is a large Prayer Wall filled with thousands of prayer requests wedged between the stones that fill the west side of the space. Dozens of people each day enter our doors with a desire to enter into the Presence of God and experience a miracle. Each person is greeted by a trained Prayer Warrior who invites them to add their prayers to the wall. 

We firmly believe that the works of God reveal the heart of God and will draw people to true faith in God. We believe that, in some way, the Presence of God has settled on our Prayer Wall. It is a touchpoint of faith and a symbol of the miraculous. The moment people enter our building they sense that God is in our midst. 

We have witnessed an acceleration of miracles at Influence as we gain a better understanding of the language of faith. Miracles seem to beget miracles. Miracles are waiting to be released as God makes His presence known on earth as it is in heaven. 
I am convinced that when we live with a spirit of expectation, then God meets that expectation. The absence of miracles today is not due to reluctance on God’s part, but rather a lack of understanding about how God works and a lack of prayer. 

What God has done at Influence has been a miracle in and of itself. But beyond that, we are attempting to live out His revealed strategy for the end time church, one that reveals the goodness of the Father to an increasingly dark and lawless world.

Prayer is one of the most powerful and effective tools given to us as believers. God loves to answer our prayers and to listen to us pour our hearts out to Him. 

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