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When You're Longing For a Response

When You're Longing For a Response

“Your love surrounds me when my thoughts wage war

When night screams terror there your voice will roar

Come death or shadow God I know Your Light

Will meet me there.

When fear comes knocking, there You’ll be my guard

When day breeds trouble, there You’ll hold my heart

Come storm or battle God I know Your peace

Will meet me there…”

For most of my life, I have found myself seeking guidance from the Lord. Crying out, “God reveal to me what I do not know; for I do not know what to do and I just want to be where you are”. It is not bad to seek guidance from God; in fact, we should be seeking the Lord daily.

Personally, as much as I trust in the Lord with my life, I also believe that God has given us the freedom to decide how we live our lives; choices. To choose good, bad, right or wrong. God already knows every outcome to each option we have. Now it is up to us to decide what path we would like to take.

Last week in my time of prayer with the Lord, It suddenly dawned on me that instead of asking the Lord to reveal to me what I should do; I knew that I already knew what I wanted. God knows my heart better than me; what I long for, what I desire and what I need. But He allows us to choose our path.

Like a friend venting to another friend about issues they are experiencing; God is the BEST friend that knows us and that whatever path we decide to take, He will always be by us and choose to walk with us.

God chose us.

Please don’t misunderstand me when I say this; for there is nothing wrong with longing for a response from God. I am guilty of waiting on the Lord to reveal to me what path I should be taking when given the opportunity to make a decision.

However, I do believe that we are not called to be comfortable. That, when faced with tough decisions, God has given us freedom to chose. When I was longing for a response from the Lord; it was in the stillness, which was where I knew what my heart desired.

As much as God wants us to seek guidance from Him, He gives us freedom as well.

What if, the next time you are longing for a response, instead of praying “Lord reveal to me…”, but try, “Lord, I do not know, what I do not know. You already know every outcome. You know me, you love me and you see me.” and it may be there, in the stillness of the Prince of Peace is where you will know what to do.

Granted this may not be for everyone; for I am merely sharing what I have experienced myself. God knows us personally and how to capture our hearts.

When you’re longing for a response, seek the Prince of Peace; he hears our prayers and he listens to our hearts. It is in his light where we will find rest.