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Influence Church is a non-denominational Christian church located in Anaheim Hills.

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Influence Church

Sunday 9:00 and 10:40 am

Influence Church
8163 East Kaiser Blvd.
Anaheim Hills, CA 92808
(714) 455-3910

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Saturday 14th of February 2015

Shawn Bolz - Prophetic Word 2.12.15

On 2.12.15, we celebrated our three-year anniversary as a church. Again for the third year in a row we sold out the event. On this night, we celebrate all that God has done in the previous year and cast vision for the upcoming year.

Influence Church has a unique prophetic history that shaped us before we ever held our first service. On 2.12.12 a handful of people gathered
for prayer with no intention of starting a church—but God had other
plans. The words seem to flow from Pastor Phil’s mouth, “I guess tonight we are birthing a church.” Since that day, we have seen unprecedented favor (Psalms 67) and grace.

Unbeknownst to us, in 2011, Shawn Bolz, while speaking at Bethel Church in Redding, California gave a prophetic
word that applies to us directly (see below).

Given his word and clear directive of the Spirit, we invited Shawn to
to bring a word to us on our third anniversary. Shawn’s word to us serve as
another page in the prophetic book that God is writing. We believe that God has started more than a church—we believe that He has started a movement that will influence the nation and the world. Click on this link and see what God said through Shawn and then read the word spoken in 2011.


Shawn Bolz, Bethel Church Redding, CA - October 2011
2.12.12 Prophecy
There is a new season of resource provision. Call it forth. We sow greatly, and it’s from faith, not hope. Position your Spirit. Jesus wants us to see it. He is going to release titles to buildings. I saw the date 2.12.12, February 12th. There is a boiling a point—tipping point about to hit. It’s uncomfortable to get through the heat. The fire has been turned up and is refining you to a point of beauty. You will shine with glory. There is an uncomfortable phase. It isn’t warfare because it’s God. He is turning up the heat. It’s linked to resources. Something in you is changing and linking you to resources and default purpose. It’s been a hot season. Something is going to happen, a breakthrough… You’ll forget the journey in the glory you are about to receive. That is just a good Word. It’s something to do with the spirit of breakthrough and the release of a breakthrough. Listen to me, ‘In an unprecedented supernatural way’.

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Worship Set 03/01/15

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